The Joy of Drawing!

No matter how old you are, there is great joy in drawing! Learning at a young age makes it even better because you have all the more time to enjoy it. Drawing is a teachable skill, just like learning to write you name, yet so few learn to do it. Many think you have to be born with the talent to draw, but that’s not true. Learning to draw is just learning to first see the line and then learn to draw the line.

Lauren has just completed her first full portrait after studying the basics of drawing and studying the features of the face. What a beautiful first portrait! Parker is only age 7 and he loves to draw just about anything, but even at his very young age he was able to draw this cat realistically.

Student Lauren Cox

Student Lauren Cox

Parker, age 7 with his graphite drawing.

Parker, age 7 with his graphite drawing.

I remember a student I had years ago. A more mature woman. She had been taking classes for a few months and had just finished a drawing. I looked over at her and saw her crying. Afraid that she might be frustrated with her drawing, I inquired why she was crying. Then, came the most beautiful response. “Because, I can’t believe I drew that!”

Whenever I doubt that what I do matters, I remember her and the joy she and countless others have told me they have from learning to draw! Do you want joy?? Come learn to draw!

Falling in Love with Pastels

Pastels are a wonderful color medium that allow you to get rich , bold colors down rather quickly.  Lightly sanded paper allows the pastels to blend into this rich creamy color, perfect for skin tones.  After my students have gone through basic drawing skills and learned about value and color theory, they can move into color mediums like pastel.

Susan Loop is one student that has recently fallen in love with pastels.  She comes each week with no less than three new pastel portraits done for review.

Here’s what she has to Susan Loop Pastel Portrait 1say: FullSizeRender (49)“I’ve been under Audrey’s tutelage for 3 years now.  During that time, I progressed from pencil drawings to acrylic paintings.  Although I enjoy acrylic painting, I still felt I had not found my niche.  Then, Audrey introduced me to pastels.  I love the freedom and creativity you get from pastels.  There is something freeing about getting your hands dirty using pastels.  The transition from paints to pastels has come naturally.  I really appreciate Audrey and the skills she has helped me to develop, and for letting loose the pastel beast I never knew existed.”  Susan Loop

Pastel can take on different looks with different painting surfaces.  Students experiment with different kinds of paper and pastel boards.  Adding water or alcohol to the paint can also give you different effects.  Pastel is such a fun medium!  Susan’s portraits were done on Uart sanded paper and pastel was applied directly to the paper.

If you are interested in learning more about pastels, contact me for lessons or to set up a workshop.  Audrey Bottrell

Student Jenna Beaver Wins Best in Show!

Jenna Beaver's Portrait

Jenna Beaver, one of my new students, participated in the Webster County Art Fair.  She is only 14 years old, but VERY talented.  She came to me to learn how to draw portraits on the gray paper like I do.  Without any trouble, her first attempt won her Best in Show!!

Here’s the other winners at the Art Show.  Congratulations to all!

The Webster Arts sponsored Fine Art Show at the fair was a great start for the first year. Sherri Davis of Sherri Davis Art Murals* Pastels*Portraits was our Juror. In the 15-18 year old division, First was Josiah Goss, Second was Alana McKiernan and third was Amber Cyrus. In the 11-14 year old division: First was Jenna Beaver, who also won Best in Show, Second was Blake Baker and third was Noel Baker and Honorable mention was Hannah Mashburn. In the 8- 10 year old division, First was Eli Emmerson, Second was Maddie Jill Phillips and third was Nathan Emmerson. A special thank you to National Art Shop for art supplies that were given to our winners. First place winners also received gift cards for art supplies. Thank you Jill Phillips for your help! Thank you Marshfield Walmart for helping us make the displays for their art!

Sherri Davis - judge for Webster County Art Fair Great art by the youth participating in the Art Fair!10552518_695721620477041_1394146874518477280_nJudge, local artist, Sherri Davis.