5 Finishing Touches to Enhance Your Art

Doing great art is only part of the equation!  How you present it within a mat or frame will either make or break it!  In the upcoming Mat & Frame Workshop, I will address these 5 finishing touches to enhance your art, creative matting options and more!

  1.  PFullSizeRender (95)lacement and size of your signature.  Where and how you place your signature can steal the focus off your art.  You want the viewer to know who the artist is without taking away from your work.
  2.  Mat selection.  A mat that is too small will crowd and one that is too large can overpower your art.  Color is also important.  The color and size should draw your eye into the art.
  3.  Frame selection.   Select a frame that looks best with your art, not one that goes with your home decor.  The width of the frame is also important.  A narrow width on a large piece will not feel substantial enough to support, while too wide a frame can overpower your art.
  4.  Glass.  There are so many choices!  Does it matter?  YES!!  Reflections on the glass can make it difficult to see your art!  Museum, non-glare and UV glass are options to consider depending on your art.
  5. Backing.  Why should I be concerned with what is on the back of the frame?  First, it’s ALL part of the package!  Dust and small bugs can work their way into the frame and show up in view.  Plus, you want to present your art by paying close attention to details with the whole package.

Come learn how to begin your art with the correct size so you can use a standard size mat and frame.  Custom framing can add up so plan before you begin.  Once you choose that size, you’ll have a chart to know what size mat and frame to use.  You’ll learn how wide your mat should be for the size of your art.

Register and receive a free consult on finishing your piece of art!  Call Audrey Bottrell-Parks 417-848-0894 or email:  abportraits@yahoo.com

Monday, June 27th

9:00 – 12:00

Splatter Art Studio  4160 S. Lone Pine, Springfield,

Class fee $30  Studio fee $5


Student’s Perspective: Making Time for Art

photo art courtesy Anna Laero, Flickr

As an adult student, one of the greatest difficulties to developing my art is making time. For that matter, making time seems to be the difficulty with most things– finding that precious and elusive balance between work and recreation, obligations and creativity.

When Audrey announced the three-day Color Theory Workshop, my immediate excitement was dimmed by my next thought, Where will I find the time? Playing back and forth in my mind were thoughts of my mounting to-do list versus the thrill of progressing my art skill. I noticed that with my contrasting thoughts came a swing of emotion as well. While I thought about art, my face and posture lifted, my mind saw endless possibility, and my energy level soared.

photo courtesy healthyplace.com

What if, I thought, following this hobby that I love so much, this pursuit of art, could be the ticket to achieving balance? What if the energy I gain from my artistic progress would propel me through life’s more mundane tasks?

With the reward of the workshop before me like a carrot on a stick, I felt myself breeze through my work, as if the thrill of art was pulling me through to the other end, as my new thought became, How do I not have the time?

Color Theory I will be February 9th – 11th, 9:00 – 4:00 at 324 S. Campbell, Springfield, MO. See you there??


Signature Style Workshop!

An outstanding colored pencil drawing of Miley Cyrus by student Jenna Beaver, age 14
What aspiring artist doesn’t dream of recognition? It has certainly been at least a flickering thought for those who intend to fine-tune their craft. With the knowledge that anyone can learn to draw comes the realization that the art marketplace can be crowded with talent. For an artist’s work to stand out, it needs to be as individual and recognizable as a person’s unique signature. 

Just as a person’s autograph is so individual that it is legally attributed to only that person, an artist’s style can be developed into something entirely recognizable as his or her own. Helping students express that individuality in their work is the driving force behind Audrey’s special series of classes called “Developing Your Signature Style”. 

photo (10)

Jan O'Neill art giraffe
Inspired by the last “Signature Style” workshop held last spring, student Jan O’Neill painted a whimsical series of animals in which she employed a variety of mediums & techniques to get the color and texture she wanted.
While discussing this subject in last week’s art class, Audrey explained how the blurred lines caused by Monet’s poor vision influenced his highly recognizable, impressionist work. So I have left off wondering whether a Renoir or a Matisse lies within, and have turned my attention instead to finding the voice that my own set of ticks might inspire.
No matter your level of skill, now is a great time to take advantage of this specialty workshop that can help you shape the direction and future of your art work. Developing Your Signature Style workshop will be held Thursdays, August 14 – September 25, 2-4 p.m. at the Springfield Hobby Lobby on E. Battlefield. To register for the class, click here.
I hope to see you there!



What do the artists Leonardo daVinci, Michelangelo, Picasso, Georgia O’Keefe, Jackson Pollock and Norman Rockwell have in common?

What do all of these artists have in common?  If you look at their styles, they are quite diverse!  Yet, they all started with a traditional classical study of art.  For some, the life long journey of creating art changed dramatically over the years, so much so, that you would not recognize their early art if you saw it.  What you remember is the art created after their classical studies when they embarked on an adventure of discovery.  Many different influences changed the course of their art from time to time.

What do you think of when you look at each name?  What do you remember of their art?  Was it distinctive?  Did they have a Signature Style?  Yes, they ALL had a very distinctive Signature Style.

In April, I will be teaching a three day workshop on Developing Your Signature Style.  We will study the works of these Master artists along with contemporary artists who have developed a signature style.  We’ll learn what influenced their lives and art and how they came to discover their inner artist’s voice.  You will learn some interesting correlations between these diverse artists and perhaps even see yourself in one of them!

For registration information on the workshop, see my website page under classes and workshops.