Student’s Work

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Initial drawing prior to instruction by Kelsey Zink

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After instruction drawing by Kelsey Zink

“I began taking lessons from Audrey a few years ago and it has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in pursuing art.  I’d always loved to draw and I got my degree in Graphic Design, but Audrey’s thorough and insightful teaching has truly pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone and freed me to pursue art in ways I’d never thought possible.”  Kelsey Zink

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Initial drawing prior to instruction by Abby Daniel


After instruction drawing by Abby Daniel










“I have had a love for drawing since I was young.  But, for awhile, I stopped because I couldn’t draw realistically.  My Grandma knew of my passion for drawing so she began looking for an art teacher for me.  When she first told me of Ms. Audrey’s class, I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but I have learned so much and look forward to each class!”

Abby Daniel – age 13


Madison Dimmick 2_2

Prior to Instruction drawing by Madison Dimmick

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After instruction self portrait by Madison Dimmick age 11











“I have always loved art, but all of my art looked like cartoons.  i took Audrey’s class because I wanted to get better.  When I started her class, I could really see the improvement even after the first class!  I look forward to my art class every week and Ms. Audrey is an excellent teacher!”  Madison Dimmick – age 11



Initial drawing prior to instruction by Brends Stevens-Ricci

Alex Drawing 2007

After instruction portrait by Brenda Stevens-Ricci








“I’ve been trying to draw for the past 10 to 15 years on my own, with fairly crude results.  I took Audrey Bottrell’s class and was able to drastically improve my drawing skills.  I would recommend Audrey’s class to anyone who wanted to learn to draw realistically.  She is an excellent teacher!”  Brenda Stevens-Ricci

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Initial drawing prior to instruction by Markus Pope

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After instruction self portrait by Markus Pope



Colored pencil by Markus Pope

Colored pencil by Markus Pope







“When I was a kid, I loved to draw and paint.  As I got older, I became interested in music.  I took lessons and played guitar for 15 years.  I became frustrated and disenchanted with my lack of music ability.  One day I saw a brochure from Audrey advertising drawing classes.  My frustration was painful, so I decided to take a class and see if Audrey could help me find a new love in art instead.  She analyzed a quick drawing, told me she thought she could help, and within an hour I had not only drastically improved… I was addicted! Since then, I have been working in many mediums.  People have started referring to me as an “artist”.  I love it and I can’t get enough!”  Markus Pope

Students begin with black and white, getting a clear understanding of value before moving on to color.  Markus takes every spare moment to perfect his craft and to explore new techniques and mediums.

Colored pencil rendering by Markus Pope

Colored pencil rendering by Markus Pope