B2 Cafe Spring Student Exhibit

B 2 Cafe Spring Student Exhibit
B 2 Cafe Spring Student Exhibit

What a wonderful place to have our Art Reception and Exhibit!  The staff was very helpful and the food was fabulous, as always!   Live music was provided by Brian Hickman on cello and Kirsten Weiss on Violin.  It added so much to our reception!

IMG_5661You can view the art anytime at the B2 Cafe now until the end of June.  Students range in age from 11 – adult using various mediums.  Classes offer individual instruction in a group setting.  Our student exhibits give students as well as visitors, an opportunity to meet the artists from all the classes.  Classes are available each week at Hobby Lobby’s classroom.

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What is Your Finish Line for 2015?


Each year end I begin to reflect on the past year and look into the new year ahead.  What do I want to accomplish in 2015?  With a Finish Line on the radar I can begin to plan my strategy and mini goals to get there.    I want to challenge you to consider what you want to accomplish with your art this next year.

Having a coach help you along the way is a lot easier than doing it alone!  I’m here to help you achieve your artistic goals.  First, you need to write down what it is you want to accomplish.  Make it as specific as possible and give it a deadline.  If you need help here, just ask.  Your goal should challenge you.  If you are comfortable with your goal, it’s not challenging enough.

This year I challenged myself physically by running a half marathon.  I had never even run a 5K race before I took on this challenge.  I was way out of my comfort zone, to say the very least!!  I don’t even like running!!!  I learned some profound truths as I embarked on this challenge.  During the next few months, I will share how I overcame some of the obstacles to attaining my goal. 

The journey is about to begin and it’s not a sprint to the finish line!  You don’t have to  cross the finish line today.  Planning is the first step.  Identify your goals.  Write them down on a card that you can look at from time to time.  Do you have a time line for achieving your goals?  If so, write it down.

Once you have your goals set, then we can plan the steps you need to take along the way to get you to the finish line!  Consider the 3 D’s to get you started.  Desire – your first D is the desire to do something, but your desire alone will not get you to the finish line.  Why?  My desire to stay in my warm, cozy bed could easily overrule my desire to go run!  Desire needs Dedication.  Dedication says you will continue to do what you need to do to accomplish your goals regardless of how you feel at any given moment, regardless of your circumstances!  Desire and Dedication  coupled with Discipline will carry you to your finish line.  Discipline puts into practice daily activities that help you get closer to your goal!

Do you have a desire?  Great!  Commit to your goal by being dedicated and disciplined.  Set aside a given time each day to work on your goal.  It is an appointment with yourself.  Once you’ve accomplished your weekly goals you can give yourself a reward.  My daughter and I have set up weekly and monthly goals.  Our first reward for achieving our goals for January is a Spa Day!!  That’s motivation for me!  What’s your motivation?

Student Art Exhibit and Reception


Art students view the gallery with friends.


Art is a personal expression, and sharing something personal can be scary.  Sometimes in art class I feel hesitation to show others what I’m working on, and I’m pretty sure I’ve noticed the same trepidation in my peers. From somewhere inside, a voice says, “It’s not perfect yet!”


Jenna Beaver with her charcoal on gray paper portrait which won First Place in the 16 and under category.

However, to me one of the primary functions of creating art is to give joy and add beauty to the world, so clearly, artists sharing what they’ve created is crucial to that end.


Elaine Van Noy with her drawing of Johnny Cash which won Best in Show.

I remember being coached in public speaking in school. “Start with people you know”, I was always told. For art students, what could be a friendlier environment to share creations than an art reception with friends and family?


Susan Loop won Honorable Mention for her portrait of an infant.

At our art reception at The Library Station, a chance for students to share artwork and to express the joy of learning to draw was rewarding. It was easy to see the pride and enjoyment on the faces of friends and family as they toured the exhibit. Once again, it was an experience that stretches us past comfort zones and prods us on to greater accomplishment.


Students with their art.

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The exhibit will be on display at until the end of November. Be sure to stop by The Library Station to take a look!

Portrait Process for Watersoluble Graphite



I have recently begun to explore with watersoluble graphite and I like what it can do! There are both watersoluble graphite pencils and graphite sticks.  If you are accustomed to lots of little detail, you may be put off with the graphite sticks that look like a really large crayon.  You can sharpen them to a point, but I didn’t want to take the time and I didn’t want to waste an ounce of the graphite which I could save and use as a powder.

Using an illustration board, I began to draw out the basics and started shading rather loosely with cross hatching.  It is important to establish your values early and I like to start with the darkest ones first.  After some of the graphite had been applied, I took a 4 inch brush, dipped in water and swiped across the portrait.  The goal was to establish a wash, but if you over work it, the graphite will disappear.

The process continues as I add more values and apply some water or not until I come to the finished portrait.  I like that I can get detailed where I want detail and leave other areas loose and free.  I also enjoyed applying the graphite quickly and loosely because the water blended it.  The beauty of this product is that it is graphite and when it dries, you can still erase it!!!