B2 Cafe Spring Student Exhibit

B 2 Cafe Spring Student Exhibit
B 2 Cafe Spring Student Exhibit

What a wonderful place to have our Art Reception and Exhibit!  The staff was very helpful and the food was fabulous, as always!   Live music was provided by Brian Hickman on cello and Kirsten Weiss on Violin.  It added so much to our reception!

IMG_5661You can view the art anytime at the B2 Cafe now until the end of June.  Students range in age from 11 – adult using various mediums.  Classes offer individual instruction in a group setting.  Our student exhibits give students as well as visitors, an opportunity to meet the artists from all the classes.  Classes are available each week at Hobby Lobby’s classroom.

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Student’s Perspective: Making Time for Art

photo art courtesy Anna Laero, Flickr

As an adult student, one of the greatest difficulties to developing my art is making time. For that matter, making time seems to be the difficulty with most things– finding that precious and elusive balance between work and recreation, obligations and creativity.

When Audrey announced the three-day Color Theory Workshop, my immediate excitement was dimmed by my next thought, Where will I find the time? Playing back and forth in my mind were thoughts of my mounting to-do list versus the thrill of progressing my art skill. I noticed that with my contrasting thoughts came a swing of emotion as well. While I thought about art, my face and posture lifted, my mind saw endless possibility, and my energy level soared.

photo courtesy healthyplace.com

What if, I thought, following this hobby that I love so much, this pursuit of art, could be the ticket to achieving balance? What if the energy I gain from my artistic progress would propel me through life’s more mundane tasks?

With the reward of the workshop before me like a carrot on a stick, I felt myself breeze through my work, as if the thrill of art was pulling me through to the other end, as my new thought became, How do I not have the time?

Color Theory I will be February 9th – 11th, 9:00 – 4:00 at 324 S. Campbell, Springfield, MO. See you there??


Color! Bloom and Grow as an Artist!

images-1 681px-Claude_Monet_015

Art is simply more than just playing.  Creating any kind of art uses a different side of your brain and it challenges you to solve problems creatively.  There is no set recipe, but you can use some tools of the trade to help.

Let’s take using color for example.  Colors evoke emotions by themselves regardless of subject matter.  Learning to use the right color for the emotion you want the viewer to have is critical.  Colors change when they are placed beside other colors too.  It’s no wonder figuring out color is challenging. 

Look at these two paintings of the same subject.  The color scheme chosen gives the viewer a different feel.  How does the blue and orange painting make you feel compared to the yellow and purple?  Do you know what color scheme the artists used in each?

If you want to learn more about color theory, I am offering a 3 Day Color Theory Workshop.  Through a study of Color Theory, you will be able to use color with the biggest impact, and you will know which colors to use and how to mix them. 

You will also learn the different colors of light.  Different times of the day have a different light.  Geographic locations also differ in their light.  Not all light is created equally!   Here’s some examples of the color of light at two different times on a sunny Missouri day.

Color of light 2:09 MO sunny day

Color of light 2:09
MO sunny day

Color of Light 4:15 pm MO sunny day

Color of Light 4:15 pm
MO sunny day







The world of color is an exciting one!   Let your artistic garden start to bloom today by reserving your seat in this 3 Day Color Theory Workshop!

324 S. Campbell Street, Springfield, MO

Monday – Wednesday – February 9th – 11th

9:00 – 4:00

Registration fee:  $200.00 

OZ, the Journey from Black & White to Color!


Color Theory I  – 3 Day Workshop

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about color. Not sure this Workshop is for you???  Listen to what student Kelsey Zink said about her experience:

“Imagine Dorothy on her farm in Kansas.   You could easily illustrate it with smooth graphite, rich charcoal, soft pastel.  I enjoyed learning to work with all of these mediums, but it wasn’t long before I wanted more.  What artist doesn’t long to go beyond the grayscale prairie and plunge into the exciting realm of the brilliant, colorful Oz?

I’m a Graphic Designer.  I know how color works.  I’d already taken color theory in college, so all I had to do was grab my bright tubes of acrylic paint and plunge in, right?  Wrong!  I soon discovered my textbook knowledge helped little in practical application when actually working with color.  And soon, instead of the Emerald City, all I had really been successful in illustrating was the color pallet of a swamp.

Colored pencil drawing by Kelsey Zink

Colored pencil drawing by Kelsey Zink

Colored pencil drawing by Kelsey Zink

Colored pencil drawing by Kelsey Zink

You know, familiar Kansas wasn’t so bad.  At least I know how to shade the landscape there…maybe I should just do a character study on barns.  Time to click my slippers and close my eyes – “There’s no place like home.’  

And then Audrey offered a course, “Color Theory I”.  I cringed, and signed up, pretending it didn’t scare me.

Audrey teaches a concise, hands-on, nuts and bolts course.  It wasn’t easy, but she was patient and soon the light-bulb of understanding was switching on for me.

Audrey was able to clear the mystery of color: value, temperature, intensity – all the keys to successful color mixing.  And that was just the beginning!  This course was an essential springboard to working with color.  It has enabled me to pursue working in colored pencil, pastel, acrylic and mixed media pieces that have been so much fun to create.  The reference book she provides has been a continual resource as I continue on the journey down the yellow brick road!”

Bring a little color to your world of art with:

Color Theory I

February 9th – 11th, 9:00 – 4:00

324 S. Campbell Street, Springfield, MO

Tomorrow is the last day to sign up to get the 10% early registration discount.  Full cost $200.

What Are You Waiting For?


Original pastel by student Sherri Davis

Treat yourself to the vibrant energy of color in this 3 Day Color Theory Workshop!  There’s still time to get your registration in for the discount.  You’ll walk away with a wealth of knowledge and tools to use with color.

Here’s what student Sherri Davis had to say about her experience after she attended a workshop.  “At the time I took Audrey’s Color Theory Workshop, I had read books about color, color temperature and used the color wheel a little bit.  My art was okay, but I knew it could and should be better.  This workshop opened up my world.  I am not only seeing and understanding why I like a particular piece of artwork, but I’m able to apply what I have learned to my own work.  After talking Audrey’s class, I can now look at a color and know what goes into mixing that color.  It is no longer a mystery.  If I don’t have a particular color I’m looking for, I mix it.

In addition to mixing any color you want, you have to know how to use it to get the feeling you want to express.  Yes, I learned all that.  I have taken numerous workshops and I believe taking this workshop has been the one that has improved my work more than any other.  Thank you, Audrey, for offering this experience to me and others.”

Open your eyes to an all new world of color!

February 9th – 11th

Hosted at the 319 Event Center on historic Walnut Street in Springfield, MO

Gallery of Talent

This week I viewed the gallery of students’ artworks on display at the Library Station in Springfield. The drawings and paintings are all beautiful and impressive. There are a wide variety of subjects– from still life paintings and drawings to portraits– in many different mediums and styles ranging from classic to contemporary, some with an element of surprise.

photo 5 photo 4 photo 5 (2)

Once I had admired the art for a while, it struck me that I was not just viewing a gallery of pretty pictures. This gallery is a culmination of hundreds, maybe thousands, of hours of learning and instruction, and of the hard work of forging new paths in the brains of students who were determined to learn something new. Behind these works are varied moments of frustration and ease, applying and erasing, trying again, sticking with it, having fun, and finally– success!

photo 4 (3) photo 1 photo 2 (2) photo 1 (5) photo 2 photo 3 (3) photo 2 (5) photo 3 (5) photo 3

Lastly, this gallery is proof that anyone can learn to draw. I was present when some of the students whose artwork is displayed first came to class with empty notebooks and a new set of pencils. Their progress is incredibly inspiring!

photo 3 (4)

Don’t miss a chance to visit with the student artists and our instructor at a reception held at The Library Station, 2535 N. Kansas Expressway in Springfield on Thursday, October 2 at 7:00 pm. The exhibit will be up until the end of November.



Portrait Process for Watersoluble Graphite



I have recently begun to explore with watersoluble graphite and I like what it can do! There are both watersoluble graphite pencils and graphite sticks.  If you are accustomed to lots of little detail, you may be put off with the graphite sticks that look like a really large crayon.  You can sharpen them to a point, but I didn’t want to take the time and I didn’t want to waste an ounce of the graphite which I could save and use as a powder.

Using an illustration board, I began to draw out the basics and started shading rather loosely with cross hatching.  It is important to establish your values early and I like to start with the darkest ones first.  After some of the graphite had been applied, I took a 4 inch brush, dipped in water and swiped across the portrait.  The goal was to establish a wash, but if you over work it, the graphite will disappear.

The process continues as I add more values and apply some water or not until I come to the finished portrait.  I like that I can get detailed where I want detail and leave other areas loose and free.  I also enjoyed applying the graphite quickly and loosely because the water blended it.  The beauty of this product is that it is graphite and when it dries, you can still erase it!!!


Create on Everything!


  I love the idea of creating on anything and everything!  Our chairs were in dire need of a new paint job!  Why stop there, I thought.  We love the idea of tropical beaches and though we live at a beautiful lake, we still miss the palm trees and the beach.  Now we can have both when we sit in our chairs on the dock!

What have you added your artistic flare to?  What would you like to do?

Spring is in the Air!


IMG_0955Spring is in the Air!  At least I can hope for spring with the 50 degree weather.  I am also hoping to brighten my own spirits by surrounding myself with vibrant lively flowers.  This painting and the last one are so different from my usual artwork.  Always a realist, I am enjoying the playfulness of letting go of realism and embracing the impression of the field of flowers.  I did an underpainting of three or four colors and texturized them slightly, then began the layering of thick paint with a palette knife.

Flowers for Anne

IMG_0953Flowers for Anne was painted today in Honor of my former mother-in-law who passed away yesterday.  It seems like that season in life when the older people in my life have a new journey to embark on beyond this world.  Just two weeks ago, I lost my Godfather.  The sense of loss since the loss of someone very close to me, seems so much stronger.  The sadness overwhelms me yet I am not without hope.  I believe in God and in heaven and I believe that is where Anne is today.  Enjoying the full bloom of heaven’s splendid colors filled with peace and happiness.